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Why Do I Need a Business Plan

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Why should I take the time to write a business plan?

Why Do I Need a Business Plan

Business plans are crucial to long-term business success. In fact, one of the biggest reasons that a business will fail is a lack of planning. Well-crafted business plans provide a road map for navigating customer bases, financing and even helping guide day-to-day operations. Some of the primary reasons for a business plan include:

Financing - Nearly all small businesses will need some type of financing. Whether you are seeking financing through your local bank, a venture capital firm or private sources, you will need to have a plan in place. A well-crafted business plan will show potential investors all sources of revenue and a repayment plan.

Management decisions - Business owners who are committed to long-term success can use their business plan to help them make solid decisions. Having this type of a blueprint handy can mean smarter decisions made with full knowledge of the impact they will have on a business.

Marketing matters - Since a well thought out business plan also contains a marketing plan, it provides a vision for the business managers to target their marketing. The upside of this is it allows businesses to refocus their marketing if they get off track.

Goals and objectives - When businesses are undergoing changes, it is important to keep the overall focus and goals of the company in mind. Business plans can help the company principals keep their goals and objectives in mind at all times.

A well-thought out business plan is a must for businesses of all size. Whether you are running a partnership, a sole proprietorship or you are purchasing an existing business, you really do need to have a business plan. Business plans are living, breathing documents and should be reviewed from time to time as well as updated as things change. As a company grows, there may be a need for additional capital and your business plan may become even more crucial.



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